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Healing Groups empower Indigenous Communities and People in Communities

Facilitated by ITLWUV, Inc. in a global collaboration of ministries dedicated to helping people around the world heal from the pain of trauma. Here we use The Trauma Healing Institute Method, a proven mental health practices and the wisdom of the Bible to bring a group of people together in a safe place, where they can help each other heal. This method is in simple language and clear ideas to guide our healing as we serve those who work with people in indigenous communities and beyond.

Trauma Healing Institute Partner

We utilize the curriculum of the Trauma Healing Institute published by The American Bible Society. This curriculum is currently being used successfully being used in over 130 countries and available in 150 different languages. We facilitate this biblical-based curriculum in a safe environment in small groups to start the healing or to continue the journey. The lessons in the curriculum use stories, art, discussion questions, and activities to help people engage deeply with themselves, with God, and with each other.

ITLWUV Cares: Some topics covered include How Heart Wounds Can Be Healed, Grieving, Forgiveness, Moral Injury, Domestic Abuse, and How to Take Your Pain to the Cross. Healing groups are available for teens in our Youth Leadership Camps. Learn others.

Healing Empowers Communities
Learn How to Use Healing Groups in Your Community

O Lord, YOU are my healer.

Our Program Model

This proven model of the Trauma Healing Institute uses applied
Scripture and mental health principles to address spiritual and
emotional wounds caused by trauma of war, violence, natural
disasters, and abuse. The book Healing the Wounds of Trauma:
How the Church Can Help
has been translated and taught in
112 countries with more than 142 language groups in Africa,
Asia, the Pacific and the Americas.

Our Participants

These sessions are open to laypeople, clergy, mental health professionals, social justice advocates, NGO workers, and others engaged in empowering their communities.

Trauma Healing Testimony Empowering Communities Around the World. Will yours be one?

How To Have Trauma Healing In Your Community

Imagine That Venture: Also called Convenig Sessions: In these sessions, we introduce leaders to the trauma healing programs and provide opportunities to decide whether they want to integrate it into their ministries. Sign Up for the next one by clicking the link.

Healing Groups: We use a biblical-based curriculum in a safe environment in small groups to start the healing or to continue the journey.

Initial Training: This training is for those who would like to become certified to lead a group in your own community. Start here.

Advanced Training: This training is for those who would like to go further to become a certified Facilitator having completed all the requirements. You may choose also to become equipped to train others in your community to lead groups.

Community of Practice (COP): This is a group of facilitators and trainers to grow in the is ministry of healing the wounded heart, a monthly virtual gathering.

Healing Groups

Space is Limited – Sign up Soon

All times are in the Central Time Zone
unless otherwise indicated.

Programs Currently Offered by Certified Facilitators through the Trauma Healing Institute: Classic Trauma Healing Groups, Audio Trauma Healing Groups, Trauma Healing Groups for Teens.

Youth Leadership Camp for Teens
includes Healing Groups

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