The Next Convening Session: Learn about Healing Groups and How They Can Empower Your Communities


Monday, January 8, 2024

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

How To Have Trauma Healing In Your Community

Convening Sessions: In these sessions, we introduce leaders to the trauma healing programs and provide opportunities to decide whether they want to integrate it into their ministries.

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Healing Groups Empower Indigenous Communities and People in Communities

Facilitated by ITLWUV, Inc. in a global collaboration of ministries dedicated to helping people around the world heal from the pain of trauma. Here we use The Trauma Healing Institute Method, a proven mental health practices and the wisdom of the Bible to bring a group of people together in a safe place, where they can help each other heal. This method is in simple language and clear ideas to guide our healing as we serve those who work with people in indigenous communities and beyond.

Trauma Healing Institute Partner

We utilize the curriculum of the Trauma Healing Institute published by The American Bible Society. This curriculum is currently being used successfully being used in over 130 countries and available in 150 different languages. We facilitate this biblical-based curriculum in a safe environment in small groups to start the healing or to continue the journey.

ITLWUV Cares: Some Healing Group Topics covered include How Heart Wounds Can Be Healed, Grieving, Forgiveness, Moral Injury, Domestic Abuse, and How to Take Your Pain to the Cross. Learn others.

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