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Our Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to uplift, develop, and add value to indigenous and under-reached people and their communities around the world to see them thrive and enjoy The Life Giver. We also purpose to be a presence, an encouragement, developing member care that strengthens workers who serve in those communities.


Our Vision

Our vision is to see indigenous communities know and experience the benefits of knowing The Life Giver in a spiritual and tangible way. To see communities we invest in replicate in other communities. To be a fountain of hope for people who serve these communities traveling various lanes in life that they may in turn be more effective with longevity in service.

Who We Are

We are individuals who have served around the planet who have walked in your shoes, washed the mud off our sandals, and treaded a number of miles investing in the physical and spiritual well-being of people. Our passion is to assist these communities in finding sustainable ways to live, to enhance their lives, and to find ultimate joy in knowing the Life Giver.

What We Do

We facilitate projects on multiple levels that empower people and their indigenous and under-reached communities around the world. We network with many denominations worldwide.
We support those who serve indigenous communities with member care.
We partner with others who desire the same purpose.

Note: All donations through Givelify and Cash App incur a processing fee
that will be deducted from amount given. Consider adding 1-3% to your donation. Consider emailing us to begin giving regularly. Checks may be mailed to

POB 54164, Pearl, MS 39288.
Email: info@ITLWUV.org


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