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Healing Groups for Teens

Healing Groups offer tools you can use to thrive in life, experience love and forgiveness.

Youth Leadership Camp

Virtual Half Day Camp
An Exclusive Option for Ages 15-18

Virtual Event Registration: $10.00 USD

A Healing Group for Teens is offered in Youth Leadership Camp format.

“Life is not easy and bad things happen to all of us that cause our hearts to be wounded– including teens. Unattended wounds of the heart can result in poor health, bad behavior, depression, violence, difficulty in school and many other negative symptoms.”

“Life Hurts, Love Heals”

10 Covered Topics

Am I important to anyone?
Why do I hurt so much?
How do I connect with my feelings?
How do I deal with my pain?
How do I deal with my loss?
What about my personal boundaries?
How can I tell my story?
Where can I take my pain?
How can I forgive?
How do I move forward?

Youth Leadership Camp also includes Financial Literacy, Life Skills, Cross-cultural Tips, Sports/Games and Meals/Snacks.

Receive $10.00 off when you invite a friend who registers and attends with you.

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