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Sponsor, Host, or Staff a Teen Camp

Healing Groups offer tools Teens can use to thrive in life, experience love and forgiveness.

Youth Leadership Camp is ideal

Host a Teen Camp in Your Community

A Healing Group for Teens is offered in Youth Leadership Camp format.

“Life is not easy and bad things happen to all of us that cause our hearts to be wounded– including teens. Unattended wounds of the heart can result in poor health, bad behavior, depression, violence, difficulty in school and many other negative symptoms.”

“Life Hurts, Love Heals”

Staff A Teen Camp

Staff is needed for every aspect of the Youth Leadership Camp. Camp includes Healing Group Sessions, Financial Literacy, Life Skills, Cross-cultural Tips, Sports/Games and Meals/Snacks.
Help is needed in all of these areas.

Team Leaders

Food Prep

Meal Servers

Game Leaders

On hand Volunteers/Eyes & Ears

Groups of three or more require a volunteer from their (organization)

Let us know if you would like to facilitate one of the sessions above.

Orientation Provided

Teen Healing Groups may take place in various formats depending on the hosting group.
5 Full Days
10 Weeks for an organization that already has regular meeting intervals.
Saturday Series – 5-10 Saturdays, a short-term event.

I’m Interested! Keep me informed.

Host or Sponsor A Teen Camp


Sponsor the entire camp financially. Co-sponsor by helping finance some specific aspect of the camp.


Host a camp by providing the space for the activities or registering most of the participants in the camp.

Become A Facilitator for Teen Groups

Learn to facilitate groups just for teens in your community.
Healing Groups offer a safe space for healing for adults, teens, and children. Note: Training is intense. Required practicum is in-person. Upon completion of this training and of all competency requirements, you will be certified through the
Trauma Healing Institute.

Helping Teens Heal In Community

I want to help teens heal.

Virtual Event Option: Half Day Camp
(Exclusively for ages 15-18)

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