Initial & Advanced Equipping Testimonies

Initial Equipping Trainee Testimonies

“It has been informative and empowering to become effective at facilitating trauma healing groups.”
– Gloria R.

“It was a good experience. I have learned a lot about understand people’s suffering. I also know how take care myself, and I will know how care of other people.”
– Anita Y.

“Very insightful”
– Esther H.

– Katherine C.

“Thanks again for your dedication to serving the Body of Christ via HWT. The training I received was a wonderful experience and I so appreciated your efforts, well done!”
– D. C.

“Honestly, it was such a thorough and well thought out training it exceeded my expectations.”
– Deborah M.

Describes the group experience: “Excellent!! Very caring.”
– Janet H.

Describes the group experience: “It was a great experience.”
– Shemika H.

“It was informative and engaging. I enjoyed interacting with everyone.”
– Nicole C.

“Overall very good.”
– A. S.

I am a lay leader that was dealing with loss of ministry and community and relationships due to spiritual and emotional abuse. It was a very confusing time and I didn’t really understand what was happening until I left the situation. Over time and with counsel I realized the abuse and have spent over a year seeking understanding and healing. When I attended the Healing group, I understood the Trauma and how to heal and I have since learned of the effect of Moral injury. God has used all of this to heal my wounds and bring peace and restoration and resiliency to me. All steps if the Healing group benefited me. I have peace and strength and am in the New beginnings village now.

Meagan D.

Advanced Equipping Trainee Testimonies

Thank you so much for your time and encouragement. I am so bless to learn from all of you. 

– Su

I thought it was a great group. I learned a lot from everyone. Have some new ideas from future classes.
– T. L.

Amazing, exciting; a great group, good use of time, practically helpful and empowering.
– R. R.

Jem from an Advanced Equipping

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